The Progressive Free Ride Should End

by Professor Jack

A couple of days ago I wondered aloud on Facebook why movements like Black Lives Matter and Occupy get off scot-free, when conservative events such as Tea Party gatherings pay for their security, trash cleanup and signage. We all, I suspect, know the answer. Liberals always get preferential treatment. Don’t they?

What if they had to pay their way like the rest of us? I believe many trendy progressive movements would fold and go away. The one thing we know about these people is they are abstemious in the extreme, preferring instead to use other people’s money and to mooch off of society while being self-righteous about it.

They are parasites in the most literal sense, living off the forbearance, patience and even protection of general society while defiling it with their sophomoric behavior and views.

It never seems to occur to our side to actually fight for equal treatment in these things. We are so conditioned to believe that, well, sure, they never pay their way, but that’s the way the world turns, isn’t it? And so left-wing mobs continue to destroy property, shut down businesses, poop on lawns and sidewalks and intimidate pedestrians while we yawn and tell them to grow up.

Well, one way for them to grow up is to feel the pinch of being billed for the damages they do to society and to private property. Who says we must forever indulge the Left the way we do teenage boys? Nothing will cool their foul jets like a demand for payment. Then all those millennial hangers on and those Baby Boomer hippies will suddenly melt away, because they will never put their money where their sizable mouths are.

Won’t anybody take up this cause?