About Me

I am a humble Christian, a proud conservative intellectual, and a sinner in need of grace. I was born before World War II and, I hope, still have several years to go. My life story is published in my memoir, Frail Web of Intention: A Spiritual Memoir (WinePress Books, 2010). I am happily remarried, and have, in the form of a blended family, eight children. My wife is a physician, and we live in central Oregon. I have written and published some poetry, favoring the sonnet. I hold a BA in History (University of Oregon, 1967), An MA in Slavic Studies (U of O, 1968), A Master of Divinity from Princeton Seminary (1974), and a PhD from Regent University (2006). My doctoral dissertation has to do with theology and is titled, “Incarnational Leadership: Towards a Distinctly Christian View of Leadership” (2006).

Though I consider it my greatest accomplishment to bring other sinners to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, I am also passionate about turning people away from the spirit of the times that blinds them to the truth of the gospel. This would include a backslidden and carnal church, on the one hand, and a merely spiritual church, on the other. My blog posts will usually have this as their purpose. Like William F. Buckley, I envision myself standing athwart history crying “Stop!” Yes, it is a bit quixotic, but it keeps this Christian gentleman off the Enchanted Ground of the golf course and in the maelstrom of history.

I hope I can occasionally pique your interest, elicit your curiosity, engage your intellect, awaken your admiration for language and ideas, and, if necessary, save your soul. All I ask is that you show courtesy to me and my readers and demonstrate thought in your responses.