Who’s The Judgmental One?

by Professor Jack

How many of you have ever been called “judgmental”? I know, to Christians that question is like dangling catnip in front of Tabby. We all have, of course, at least those of us who have ventured to express an opinion that ranges beyond the weather or our tastes in organized sports.

Unfortunately, that may not be very many of us. The truth is, if you’re not considered judgmental, you’re not standing for much of anything.

The charge of judgmentalism is the Saturday Night Special of the uncommitted, the way to achieve the most complete destruction for the least cost. It is the standard default of one unwilling or unable to defend his or her own assumptions. 

Judgmentalism and liberalism go hand in hand. Liberals are far more judgmental than Christians. Liberalism is a category error that mistakes agreement with the spirit of the times with self-knowledge. When this conceit is stripped away, liberalism turns authoritarian and intolerant of that which dissents from its own disguised dogmas and cherished self-delusions.  

True judgmentalism is to put down those you don’t like with no investment in the hard work of understanding others or attempting to persuade them. To label one’s opponents judgmental is to pronounce them morally unfit and undeserving of further consideration, while sanctifying your own self-righteousness and lack of true conviction. 

Anyone who has even half-hearted philosophical beliefs, and expresses them, will offend someone, who will in turn probably consider that person “judgmental.” 

You will seldom hear the charge of judgmentalism from those who have themselves been subjected to this blunt instrument.