A Writer’s Prayer

by Professor Jack

Father of lights, enlighten me as I set out on this uncertain path. I write this weblog for Thee. I may fail. The game of life, in all its particulars, must allow for failure if living is to be meaningful. I agree to the terms of the game. 

I share with many writers the temptation to serve myself while appearing to serve others. There is much of self-gratification in writing. I cannot escape this trap, but only ask that in spite of it I may glorify Thee. 

Some may waste their time reading what I write, when they should be seeking You. Move them along to the true Oasis for their thirsting souls, Thy Son, Jesus Christ, the Living Water.  

I imagine that some may need to read what I write. You have imparted to those of us who call on Your name some of Your divine nature (II Peter 1:4), so it might not be self-deluding for me to presume to speak in Your behalf. If so, let me speak clearly and humbly of and for Thee. Help ‘this poor lisping, stammering tongue’ to know when to be quiet. 

Especially keep me from the snares of this grim, legalistic but unserious age. Let me not strive to be cute, or merely clever. Let me seem neither to exceed my station in life nor to falsely condescend. Spare me from pretense, false piety, and from (as a poet once wrote) “taffeta phrases, three-pil’d hyperbole, and spruce affectations.”  Thy beauty is unadorned; let my words reflect that plain holiness from time to time. 

I recognize, Lord, that I will say nothing that is new. I seek only to dress old words new. Kindly bless that effort, I pray. 

Let me always cheer and encourage, uplift and edify. Let my chiding, admonishment and warning be seasoned with patience, charity and wit. 

Lord, each of your children has come to know you through the words, example, and prayers of someone much like me. I am a man of poor example and weak prayer. Use my words then, I pray, as they are all I have to offer. 

And, Lord, grant my readers wisdom to understand what I am trying to say, even when I say it poorly, and teach me through their comments what it is I still have to learn.   

In Jesus’ name, Amen.